Our Activity Photo

Behind the scenes during Elaine & Rem Wedding Reception at
Westin Moana Surfrider Hotel (Honolulu, Hawaii.)

Working with the State of the Art Canon HDSLR
HD Camera provides exceptional video quality in full 1080p quality.

With Jason Magbanua at Honolulu, International Airport

With my wife Arlene                   With Canon 5D Mk2

 Elaine & Rem Wedding morning prep.

Keep a smooth slider shots with Sir Jason Magbanua

With my daugther Arbela
During Sir Jason Magbanua's visit here in  Hawaii for a 08.19.11 wedding videoshoot.
(L to R) Jason Magbanua. Elaine, Remenick, Ringo & Arlene Javier

Camille & Wes / 09.10.11 Wedding at Hilton Hawaiin Village Resort & Spa.

Videoworkz Hawaii working with Carlo Selorio Films (Delight Media of Holywood, Florida)

Filming Zoe Viernes' baptismal at St. Joseph Parish Church - Waipahu, Hawaii

 Filming Marvin Bumanglag's Graduation @ Pacific Beach Hotel